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Frequently Asked Questions

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Quite simply, there are many advantages to choosing a Personal Storage Unit over mini-storage, or self storage. Some of those advantages are:
  • Because the unit is located on your property, there's no need for travel, a truck for hauling, or worrying about whether the units are open and available.
  • Storing something new simply means taking a few steps outside of your door, rather than going 'across town' to access your mini storage or self-storage unit
  • Because of the solid steel construction and security doors, intruders aren't likely to attempt a break-in - especially when the unit is stored so close to your home and not with hundreds of other units.
  • It's more economical - both in monthly fees, and in saving trips to the storage unit.
Please visit our pricing page for exact costs of units, plus optional features (like fully insulated units, ramps, locks, and more).
Partially. Each unit arrives standard with insulation in the roofs. Fully insulated units are available for only $15 more monthly.

Portable Storage Units are delivered using a 35' truck and 18' trailer. Because of this there are important considerations regarding the space we require for delivery and placement of the unit.

To place a Portable Storage Unit, we need to back the unit into place, lift it from the sides, drive the truck / trailer straight out from under the unit, and then lower it into place.

Your site needs to be level. Our delivery person will provide 4 cement blocks to set the unit down on, but they are not equipped to level the ground. An unleveled site or a site that settles will affect the fit and performance of the security swing door.

We require a minimum of 12-feet of clearance in height and a 12-foot wide entry/exit path to deliver and place the Portable Storage Unit. Please check your location for building overhangs or power and cable lines that may be in the way. This path must be solid and drivable. It must be clear of fencing, gates, landscaping, snow, ice, weeds, vehicles, etc. prior to delivery or pickup. Once the unit is placed you agree not to move or relocate it. Portable Storage Rental must be called to move or relocate the unit.

Final placement of Portable Storage Units will be determined by the delivering driver according to site conditions, safety, and space requirements.

If we are unable to deliver a unit due to poor site conditions, a delivery fee of $100.00 per unit will be charged.

Yes! There are 2 different ways to own your own Portable Storage Unit. First have a rent-to-buy program that you may inquire about through our contact form, or by calling our office at 1-877-736-8777. We also occasionally sell used units - subject to availability. Please contact our office if you are interested in purchasing a Portable Storage Unit.