Portable Storage Rental

The AT HOME Storage Solution

Serving Central Washington State

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Quality Built & Attractive


The PSR's design reflects over 25 years of experience in designing, engineering, and manufacturing commercial steel buildings. Here's an attractive storage unit that will enhance your property, and last for years to come!


The PSR's quality in design, materials, and craftsmanship will result in decades of service and protection for the user of these buildings. As in similar commercial grade steel buildings, each storage unit is designed to withstand strong winds and heavy snow loads.


PSR units are made with high strength steel with structural connection. Our units will not work loose over time unlike those constructed of wood or flimsy light gage steel.


PSR units are available in several pleasing color combinations The color wall panels have a baked on finish that will last up to 20 years without maintenance.


All Portable Storage Rental units have an attractive high pitch roof that increases the interior storage space and improves roof drainage. All the roof, wall and trim components are attached to the steel frame with structural screws that will not loosen through weather cycles and age. "Built to Last" is more than just a saying.


The door is a heavy-duty security style reinforced swing door with 1/2" hinge pins for years of service and security.


The roof of each PSR unit has fiberglass insulation that includes a vinyl vapor barrier to protect against the sun, the cold, and condensation.

Best of All

A PSR Rental unit is a commercial quality building that will give years and years of trouble free service.